FORMCITY is an online registration portal with the goal of providing our clients with the most convenient and most efficient online registration process by creating innovative solutions to simplify the process for both the users and the organizers.
FORMCITY’s business model is guided by the following:

  • Convenience
  • Efficiency
  • Excellence

We employ ‘easy to use’, cutting edge innovative solutions to provide our clients with an efficient registration and data collection process. We regularly review these processes to idenfify more creative and efficient solutions.


To effectively operate the most efficient online registration portal in Africa.

  • For the user, FORMCITY creates a user friendly, convenient registration experience wherever and whenever a registration is to be made. Since payment is accepted online, users can make payment at anytime, anywhere with our easy to use, user friendly registration portal.
  • For the organizer, FORMCITY provides a seamless form collection and collation experience, together with reaI time payment and account reconciliation.


FORMCITY’s unique online services perfectly bridges the gap between you and your applicants:

  • We make registration a lot easier as we completely lay off all stress and rigors applicants go through in submitting forms to their desired submission centres. FORMCITY is accessible worldwide and therefore gives your applicants the opportunity to participate and register for any event, anywhere in the world.
  • Applicants never get to submit forms with errors, as our online forms can be edited real time as many times as possible.
  • We allow you process your submitted forms faster as we send them directly to the collating centre. We will provide you with a unique, dedicated email address on our domain which will allow you receive real time data of each application submitted. This allows submissions to be collated at your convenience.
  • FORMCITY provides security to applicants, as it neither handles card details nor payment at the point of payment. Our CBN licensed payment solution provider, allows payment with debit cards, credit cards and Paypal; they currently handle payment of over 10,000 subscribers, both locally and internationally and are tested and trusted. We are confident of delivering a smooth, real time reconciliation of accounts with the organizers.
  • FORMCITY exposes your event to a very wide market. With presence on all social media platforms, as well as active online and offline marketing strategies, we are certain to reach a much wider audience for your event.
  • Our neat and purpose built professional website confidently offers clients efficient data compilation and management of their registration processes.
  • FORMCITY completely eliminates the problems of double entries with its unique solution. We solve problems of illegible handwritings; this greatly reduces down time and increases efficiency in data collection and collation. We help submit perfectly completed forms as our website is equipped with an auto-correction tool to ensure that mandatory fields are filled appropriately.
  • We help market your events and products as we have a huge database for all the form categories represented on our website. This, combined with the huge traffic we receive on the website will help position your event for the required audience required.
  • Our online portal is equipped with picture uploading capabilities to allow you receive as many pictures as you may require on your registration forms; this greatly helps in making the viewing of applicants’ pictures more flexible and convenient.
  • The FORMCITY website is also equipped with advert banners that operate 24hrs to allow for strategic advertisement, to catch the attention of on-site traffic.



SUBSCRIPTION CHARGE:        There will be NO subscription charges for regular forms

OPERATION CHARGE:          12% of the form or ticket value

  • Example: Assuming your forms/tickets are worth =N=6,000, our charge will be
    (12% of N6,000) = N720 per successful submission on our platform. This charge is inclusive of all administrative charges, collation charges, online support, reconciliation and strategic advertisement.

CAPPED CHARGE: = N= 6,000 maximum charge for high value forms/tickets

  • Example: Assuming your forms/tickets are valued at =N= 120,000, the charge to you would normally be =N= 14,400 i.e (12% of N 120,000). However, with our CAPPED CHARGE incentive, you will not be charged above N6,000 for any of your forms/tickets, no matter their value.
  • You will receive real time payment for your submissions and a dedicated email address will be created for the sole purpose of your registrations. This email address will be the recipient of all your forms purchased, allowing instant reconciliation of funds in account and forms submitted. FORMCITY will at NO time have custody of your funds.


  • FORMCITY will charge Sub merchants that operate FREE registration events, a fixed amount to connect to its portal. This fixed fee includes all administrative charges and strategic advertising. You will also have a dedicated email address to receive all submissions for your product, real time. This flat fee will expire 90days from the date this agreement is signed.

SUBSCRIPTION CHARGE: =N=80,000 flat fee for 90days